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Mary Chirwa video in court


THE findings concerning the pornographic video alleged to involve Drug Enforcement Commission Director General Mary Chirwa should be made public.

It was not fair, according to Economic Front (EF) President Wynter Kabimba that three Mindolo women who had committed a similar infringement had already been arraigned while both the Police and ZICTA were silent about the Chirwa case.

Mr Kabimba has now filed a writ of mandamus in the High Court demanding that ZICTA Director General and Zambia Police Inspector General  release the findings of the investigation into the pornographic video allegedly involving Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Director General Mary Chirwa.

Mr Kabimba said they wanted to know the circumstances around the video purported to be that of the DEC chief Ms Chirwa which had gone viral.

This follows calls by stakeholders for the state to take action.

“We filed the court documents. The action is against IG and DG of ZICTA. But leave to proceed hasn’t yet been granted so I’m waiting for that document from court,” he said

He said since July 27, Zambians had heard nothing about the conclusion of these investigations but that on September 11 three women of Mindolo committed a similar offence but it was shocking that the following day they were picked despite the video being of poor quality.

He said the Police IG and ZICTA DG needed to tell the public the truth about how far they had gone with investigations and whether they had ascertained that it was her in the video.

He said police issued a statement that they had picked the three Mindolo women but that they were quiet on the matter involving Ms Chirwa.

“It is shocking because the police were quick to act on the video involving the three Mindolo women whose video was not even clear but they have remained tight lipped over the issue Ms Chirwa,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said the writ of mandamus would compel the institutions like ZICTA, ACC and even the police who had been very inspirational in dealing with the Mindolo issue, to act on the other video. He said that the writ of mandamus would force the agents to tell the public whether the person who resembled Ms Chirwa was indeed her in order to put the matter to rest.

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