UPND confusion a symptom of failed leadership, Antonio Mwanza


The confusion within the UPND is a symptom of the failed leadership of the party officials, Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Antonio Mwanza has said.

Responding to accusations from UPND’s National spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa and Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta that the PF are the ones inciting trouble in the UPND following the protest in Kanyama, Mr Mwanza said the UPND should stop involving the PF in their internal issues.

Mr Mwanza wondered how the UPND would accuse a political party they claim to have died of bringing confusion in their  Party.

The PF Media Director said PF has nothing to do with the confusion in the UPND.

He said the confusion was brought about by the failed leadership of the party officials and they should not involve the Patriotic Front.

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Mr Mwanza said what was happening within the UPND party are symptoms of a failed leadership and the UPND party officials should own up.

He said the confusion was as a result of the hunger that people have been subjected to for the last one year when they were promised the opposite.

He advised Mr Mweetwa and Mr Mwaliteta to concentrate on finding ways of feeding their hungry members instead of making false accusations against the PF.

He said it was not the PF’s fault that the UPND had failed to provide job and business opportunities to their youths.

He said it was sad that the UPND government lied to the youths to form cooperatives to access  Constituency Development Funds when they knew that there was no money.

He said among the reasons why the youths are crying is because they have lost hope and are seeing that the party is dead which is a reality. He said UPND is indeed dead because even as one approaches the party secretariat the only thing that greets them is hunger.

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