Choose a magnetic leader, Mpombo advises PF


IT is now imperative that the Patriotic Front (PF) quickly settle down and choose a magnetic leader who will give the party direction and regain public confidence, with a vast opportunity to bounce back in power, veteran politician George Mpombo said.

Dr Mpombo said the win by the party in the just ended Luangwa by -election that was a powerful indication and vivid manifestation they had started to win back the confidence they lost.

He said PF cannot afford to remain fractioned but must reorganize into an awesome political machinery that would give another hope to the people of Zambia.

Dr Mpombo said the people were no longer interested in the UPND bluff and wanted a party with a coherent vision for the nation that could embark on an economic transformation that would be reflected on the betterment of people’s lives.

He said in order to achieve this, PF should provide the nation with a locomotive politician, cerebral intellectual who was competent which would make marketing of the party a lot easier.

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Dr Mpombo said the party was now getting out of the wood and had a vast opportunity to bounce back in power because there was a vivid manifestation of confidence in the achievements of the party while they were in power. 

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