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Police pick up Kalaba, release him after detaining him for unlawful assembly

.. as he counsels people not to ride on politics to get rich


POLICE in Kalulushi yesterday picked up Citizens First President Harry Kalaba from a house where he was having lunch with his officials and detained him for alleged unlawful assembly.

Mr Kalaba had just attended mass at St Francis Catholic Parish when he retired to the house of a member of the CF central committee.

But as Mr Kalaba was inside the house having lunch with two other officials, armed police arrived and accused the other officials who were peacefully having lunch outside the house of committing an offence.

As the commotion increased Mr Kalaba came out to find out what was happening outside.

When he asked the officers why they were at the house, they said they had come to pick him up for questioning because he had not notified them of his visit.

The officers the insisted that he follows them to the police station where he was held.


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