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My Home Town Ghana launched

My Home Town Ghana launched

A WEEK after being forced to shut down My Home Town (MHT) Zambia, James Ndambo, Zambia’s South
African business tycoon and philanthropist has moved to Ghana, West Africa where he has continued
with his 25 years old desire of serving humanity.
Mr Ndambo has pledged that he shall take and spread My Home Town as far as shall be possible,
declaring that there is no reason to limit the presence of charitable organisation to South Africa or
And Mr Ndambo says Africa has lagged behind in development because of some traditional and cultural
beliefs such as witchcraft which should be dispensed with and replaced with hard work.
Mr Ndambo says it has been his indefatigable desire to serve humanity, especially the vulnerable and
needy in society and that My Home Town project has been the vehicle through which he could serve
and touch the underprivileged souls in society.
The My Home Town Bechem in Ghana shall serve communities of the people of Ahafo of Bechem, a
rural community, about 240 kilomemters from Kumasi with a population of more than 100 000 people.
Mr Ndambo, owner of Africa Union Holdings says the My Home Town (MHT) project shall be established
not only in other cities in Ghana but would continue to grow and be established in other countries
across the Continent.
“My Home Town will go to other cities and other countries. We shall take it as far as we can to serve
humanity and we wish to touch the souls of as many women as possible because without a woman non-
of us would be hear.”
“…and Africa has lagged behind because of some archaic traditional and

cultural beliefs such as witchcraft. Even from where we are standing,byou believe in witchcraft.
Prosperity and economic development will only come through hard work. Not even prayer will help you
achieve your dreams if there is no hard work. Let us pray to God and thank Him for the wisdom he has
blessed us with to make bread for ourselves,” Mr Ndambo said.
In July this year, Mr Ndambo, known and respected for his philanthropic activities was in Zambia and
hosted the biggest and most prized beauty pageants contest ever in Zambia under burner of My Home
The Choma beauty pageant was graced by Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa, Justiice
Minister Mulambo Haimbe and his Tourism counterpart Rhodine Sikumba.
But soon after the MHT Beauty Pageant, Mr Ndambo’s properties in Choma were raided by the Drug
Enforcement Commission (DEC) and about seven motor vehicles were seized under the guise that they
were acquired through proceeds of crime.
Last week, Mr Ndambo announced the suspension of operations of My Home Town Zambia citing
frustrations and unfavourable environment to continue performing his philanthropy.
And now, Mr Ndambo, in his quest to continue the spirit of oneness across the African continent has
decided to keep the My Home Town candle continue lighting by reaching out to the vulnerable and
needy in Ghana’s Kumasi City.
When Ghana is sick (economically), the entire continent of Africa goes to hospital. When South Africa or
Egypt is unwell, (economically), the entire continent goes to hospital. We talk about oneness and My
Home Town because I believe we are one and in each one of us, there is just that potential undiscovered
and together, we can rediscover ourselves,” Mr Ndambo said.
And Paramount Chief of the Bechem Traditional Area, Nana-Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II said the coming of
the MHT Ghana was but the key and light of God, signaling the coming to fruition of the desire to
develop the municipality to a great and glorious business city.
Paramount Chief Nana-Fosu said MHT Ghana was likely to revolutralise the industrial and commercial
development of Bechem and it was his hope that the project through the Africa Union Holdings would
bring economic prosperity to the Municipality.
He said it was a blessing that Mr Ndambo had birthed the MHT Zambia which would now see Ghana
benefit in the industrial and infrastructure development of the town.
And George Yan Boakye, the regional Minister of Ahafo appealed to Mr Ndambo to consider helping the
region to develop its industrial infrastructure and tourism.
Mr Boakye said the 65 percent of the population of Ahafo were youths most of whom were either
school drop-outs or unemployed, stating that with the infrastructural development, the region had the
potential to be self-sustaining.
He said the region was in dire need of skills development for the youths so that they could become
useful citizens not only for the region of Ahafo but the entire Ghana.

“The Ahafo region needs industrial infrastructure and we believe that Mr Ndambo through My Home
Town is going to help us. There is potential for tourism also here. But if we are going to develop our
infrastructure, it would trigger the promotion of tourism,” Mr Boakye said.
The launch of the My Home Town Bechem in Ghana was witnessed by several of the high-ranking
traditional leaders, government officials, representatives from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),
Cameroon and Zimbabwe.
Mr Ndambo at the launch of the My Home Town Bechem announced the full sponsorship of 10 college
or university students, male and females beginning next year going forward.


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