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Government has charged that the current high prices of mealie meal and the shortage being experienced on the market is artificial, as government through Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has supplied enough maize stock to the millers.

Mealie meal has been selling at between K190 to K225 per 25kg of bag which the minister of Agriculture Reuben Phiri has described as artificial as the initial price should be at K150. 

Speaking during a press briefing this morning, Mr Phiri says although there is a limited stocks of maize on the market, government is ensuring that millers are supplied with enough maize to keep the prices of the commodity stable. 

Mr Phiri has however warned that government will limit the supply of maize to millers that are exploiting consumers. 

Meanwhile,  Mr Phiri says in order to combat the fall army worms that have invaded 124, 537 hectares of agricultural land, government has released about k55 million towards the procurement of chemicals. 

And Mr Phiri has also disclosed that government has distributed 96 percent of Farming Inputs as of yesterday. 

He says redemption for compound D is at 98 percent whilst urea is at 82 percent countrywide.


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