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Sinkamba tells ACC to swiftly deal with all graft cases

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should expeditiously dispose of all pending cases just as the law enforcement agency expeditiously cleared Ministry of Information and Media director spokesperson Thabo Kawana of corruption allegations, Green Party president Peter Sinkamba has said.

Mr Sinkamba said although the swift approach in which the ACC cleared Mr Kawana was commendable, the law enforcement agency should also deal with pending cases before it in a similar manner.

He said in an interview that law enforcement agencies should be impartial when dealing with all cases before them and ensure justice was served in an expeditious manner.

“We just want to commend the ACC for the great speed at which they have moved to clear Mr Kawana and we further want to encourage them to also ensure that all the pending cases are quickly worked on,” Mr Sinkamba said.

He said law enforcement agencies should ensure that suspects are arraigned before court as quickly as possible so that they were not detained longer than necessary.

Mr Sinkamba hoped that the expeditious clearing of Mr Kawana by the ACC was the beginning of a new era in which law enforcement agencies acted professionally and swiftly on cases instead of needlessly detaining suspects.

He said delays in disposal of cases resulted in accused persons incurring losses, especially business persons.

Mr Sinkamba said this is because the public tended to avoid dealing with people who were being investigated for allegedly committing offences.


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