UPND CADRES ATTACK SP CAMP IN KAPANDA WARD – leave camp leader unconscious

The unruly UPND cadres have continued targeting the opposition Socialist Party (SP) with their violent acts.

This has been seen in almost all by elections where the ruling party cadres, without provocation of any sort, attack SP members.

The latest attack occurred last evening when the UPND cadres attacked the SP Kubi campaign camp in Kapanda ward, Lukashya Constituency.

The cadres caused serious injuries to the camp leader Mr. Sydney Kabwe, leaving him unconscious in a pool of rainwater.

He was rushed to a hospital in Kasama and the attack has been reported to the Police.

Most team members escaped the attack with minor injuries and shock.

This is the area for Kapanda Ward where the Minister for Northern Province, Mr. Leonard Mbao, was having meetings during the day.

The sad development has been confirmed to the media by the SP President Dr. Fred M’membe.

The opposition leader detested the violence and said the Police don’t seem to be in a position to take any action against violent UPND cadres

“It has become habitual for UPND cadres to without provocation attack our by-election campaign teams. They did this in Kaumbwe, Lufubu, Sokotwe, Lukutu, Serenje, Luangwa and other places with impunity,” he said.

“The police don’t seem to be in a position to take any action against violent UPND cadres. Where does this leave us? How should we protect ourselves?”

Dr. M’membe said the by-elections should not be turned into a battlefield.

He said the said elections should not be a contest where the most violent should prevail.

The SP President urged UPND leaders to stop perpetrating violence.

“It should be a contest where the most popular, the most trusted should win. It is a competition to serve not a competition to injure….” he said.

“We urge Mr. Mbao and other UPND leaders to stop this violence before it gets out of control.”


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