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Zambians can operate Mopani/KCM – Haabazoka


ZAMBIANS have the capacity to run and successfully operate Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) without the intervention of foreign entities, former Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Lubinda Haabazoka has said.

Dr Haabazoka says what was just needed was the two mines to be recapitalized and let Zambians operate them because the country had a lot of experts who had the knowhow to successfully run the two entities.

“I have always insisted that as a country we have what it takes to run the two entities viably without foreign investors what we just need is for the government to pump in resources because the human resources is in abundance,” Dr Haabazoka said.

He also said that the special technical group that had been tasked to look into the operations of the two firms needed to be objective and not just focus on recommending foreigners to operate the two mining firms.

And Dr Haabazoka said that the closure of the KCM smelter was a good thing as it would help in the maintenance but that the timing was a bit off.

“For me I feel the timing is a bit off despite the move being a good one and can even ensure that the life line of the smelter is boosted.


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