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ACC moves in to probe Sakania/Congo Road

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigating in the construction of the Sakania/ Congo border road after the contractor pocketed US$300 million without doing anything.

Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali has disclosed that the ACC was looking into the transaction in which Inyatsi Construction was awarded US$300m contract to work on the road but did not do anything.

Mr Tayali, who visited the border post with his infrastructure counterpart Charles Milupi when hundreds of trucks were marooned at the border after a truck got stuck due to the poor state of the road said the move by the ACC was not a witch hunt but that millions were being lost due to shady deals.

“We visited the area and up to now there is no traffic moving because the trucks cannot move so we have engaged the Zambia Army to help remove the truck because the country was losing a lot in terms of revenue,” Mr Tayali said.

He said that the situation was an emergency and quick action was needed because any delay would have serious consequences. The road had trenches as the contractor grazed the tarred road which was initially there.

Mr Tayali said Government was looking to engage a Public Private Partnership concessionaire who could build a concrete road that could last for 30-50.

He said the government was working to ensure that the infrastructure at the border was upgraded because their counterparts in Congo had ensured that the road and the buildings were worked on.


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