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HH transforming Zambia’s economy – Chanda

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema and his new dawn administration has laid a solid foundation which will transform the country’s economy, improve the lives of the majority Zambians and shame the armchair critics who are vocal for nothing,’’ Percy Chanda has said

Chanda, who is UPND Chairman for Mines and freedom fighter, said he was confident that President Hichilema and his team shall deliver in line with the party’s manifesto to improve people’s lives and silence his critics.

In order to achieve this, Mr Chanda said, President Hichilema and his team were busy laying a firm foundation which would transform the economy from where the Patriotic Front (PF) left to where the lives of Zambians would be improved.

“As UPND, we are very confident that President Hichilema and his team will deliver in line with our party manifesto. In order to achieve this, President Hichilema and his team are busy laying a very firm foundation. This foundation will transform the economy from where we found it to where the lives of Zambians will improve.”

“The few economic shocks that may arise in the process will soon disappear due to the strong foundation that the new dawn government is putting in place. Failure is not part of UPND manifesto. The opposition’s rhetoric that President Hichilema has failed will soon dry away,’’ Mr Chanda said

Mr Chanda said the opposition was judging the book by its cover and not the contents, adding that, Zambians would soon smile at what President Hichilema was doing including the benefits from his foreign trips.

“We are still very conscious of our party manifesto. They say Uwa Kwensha Ubushiku Bamutasha elyo Bwacha.  The alarming statements coming from the opposition is attributed to the excitement from the new freedom of speech the opposition is enjoying.”

“Without realising that even the freedom of speech, the opposition was now abusing is one of the achievements that President Hichilema has scored. Some of our opposition leaders are engaged in deceitful politics, this is where one starts over rating himself,’’ he said

He said Zambians should be asking the opposition leaders what they would do for them instead of just criticisng without offering solutions.

“Politically, Zambians are being entertained by the steel band, whose music is produced from a collection of assorted empty tins. Surprisingly enough, even crooks and thieves now think Zambians have forgotten how this Country was mismanaged, Mr Chanda said.”


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