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Stop justifying policy failure, ZRP tells Government

…Address the high cost of living and escalating fuel prices instead of lying and bragging, says ZRP president Wright Musoma


ZAMBIA Republican Party (ZRP) president, Wright Musoma has advised the new dawn administration to address the high cost of living instead of justifying policy inconsistencies in the governance of the country.

This follows last Sunday’s press briefing by six Cabinet Ministers at which they dispelled social media reports suggesting that President Hakainde Hichilema was exhibiting dictatorial tendencies by making decisions without his Cabinet’s involvement.

Mr Musoma said in an interview with Millennium TV that having six ministers address policy inconsistencies of the new dawn administration was a sign that Government was headed for disaster.

“So to us as ZRP, that press briefing which was held by the ministers of UPND, it was just a circus and a sheer waste of time altogether. Let them begin to address the suffering of the people, fuel prices are high, the cost of living is out of this world, it is too high.

“This is the reason why there are a lot of suicide cases, people killing themselves in the prime of their lives,” Mr Musoma said

He added that cabinet ministers were allegedly chocked by the appointing authority’s micromanagement of national affairs. 

He noted that Government’s priority should be to address the high cost of living affecting the people.

“This is why there are a lot of accidents on our roads even on water bodies because people are moving with problems. This is why there are many divorce cases because people are failing to run houses,” Mr Musoma said. 

He said according to the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) Basic Needs and Nutrition Basket (BNNB) for the month of January 2023, the cost of living for a family of five in Lusaka stood at K9, 047.31

“How many people in Zambia are getting K9, 000? Those are the things that they should address themselves to and not bragging. They can brag and lie all they want but we know that so far, UPND has done nothing and no Zambian will be cheated. 

Let them stop panicking, let them do the right thing and let them give us back Mopani [Mopani Copper Mines) and KCM [Konkola Copper Mines],” Mr Musoma said.


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