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Zambia is more divided on tribal lines, says Munir


LUMEZI Member of Parliament Munir Zulu says there is need to condemn tribalism allegedly being practiced by the current regime.

Mr Zulu observed that Zambia was more divided on tribal lines than on political lines.

He wondered why groupings such as Umozi Kum’awa were condemned but the same was not happening with secessionists of Barotseland.

He said the country should therefore not pretend that such things were not happening but must condemn tribalism at every avenue.

The Lumezi lawmaker explained that if the UPND do not want him to talk about the ills of tribalism, they should stop practising it.

He however said it was a shame that institutions such as Parliament had become so boring that MPs were told not to debate.

Mr Zulu said he was paid allowances to represent the people and not to admire the Speaker of the National Assembly. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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