Indaba call okay but who attends?

THE Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga earlier this week directed the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) to call for an “indaba” to end the raging wrangles that have rocked football in Zambia. The directive by the minister is definitely a welcome move and should be commended.
However, it’s important to note that this is long overdue and should have been preached when the walls of Jericho had not started falling. Mulenga has been in conflict with the Andrew Kamanga-led FAZ administration from the time he took over the ministry instead of being a father figure to unite the factions from the beginning.
Now it seems he has realised his parental role and understands well what a FIFA ban can impact on the nation. Bravo Minister, you are on the right track.
Meanwhile, calling for an “indaba” is not a problem but who attends is the key factor. For this “indaba” to be effective and to bring the football family together, all camps especially the Kamanga and Kalusha Bwalya factions should be present at the meeting.
The “two elephants” whose battle has made our football to suffer must attend so that they iron out their conflicts that have negatively impacted the most popular sport in the nation. All the court cases and hate speech have been effected by the “disciples” of the two rivals. Without these two, the meeting is worthless.
The minister should also intervene by making sure all parties attend and must be objective in the quest to restore pride in the game.
The parties involved should put their personal hate and selfish motives aside by having an open mind and discussing issues that will aid Zambian football to reach the pinnacle.
Football should be placed first and personal benefits never be tolerated. With all this said, the minister, SCZ and everyone involved to come together to preach peace and unity in football for the benefit of all stakeholders in the sport which includes players and the great people of Zambia who love football with passion.
The FIFA ban has been looming but it’s time to start afresh for a better football future. When the ban is effected, it’s not the minister, SCZ, Kalusha or Kamanga who suffer but it’s the players (as it’s their sources of income), fans and all other people who are in the majority.
Remember to observe the preventative measures put in place to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Together we can beat the pandemic. Let’s continue talking vie

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