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Changala is UPND surrogate – Moonga

SELF-PROCLAIMED civil rights activist Brebner Changala is a known UPND surrogate whose only aim is to disrupt Government business and remain relevant in the political arena, PF Lusaka Province chairman Paul Moonga has said.
Mr Moonga said the continued attacks on President Edgar Lungu and his government by Mr Changala were calculated to mislead the public in believing that the government was not working for the people.
He said utterances by Mr Changala that having Mr Lungu as President beyond 2021 was dangerous was not only irresponsible but also malicious and a recipe for political anarchy in the country.
Mr Moonga said the PF was aware that politicking and trivialisation of serious national issues by some disgruntled politicians was only bent on derailing Government from concentrating on finding solutions to the many challenges the country was faced with.
“What Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his surrogate cronies like Mr Changala need to understand is that the Zambian people through the ballot gave the PF government the mandate and a mammoth task to deliver services and will not be destructed by any kind of manoevring,” he said.
Mr Moonga said some politicians like Mr Changala had now resorted to desperate political gymnastics in their bid to be recognised, but warned that allowing him to continue with his irresponsible statements had potential to plunge the county into serious political mayhem. He said it was sad that some unpatriotic individuals were desperately making political manoevres aimed at scoring political mileage in the midst of a huge national crisis like the Covid-19 instead of toning down to allow space for the government to deal with the challenges at hand.


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