Food donations to the vulnerable

Dear Editor,
I THINK the time has come for some of the donated resources to be directed to our brothers and sisters in the townships so that they can stay home and safe.
It is difficult to stay home when there is no food. This is why you see the markets and streets being crowded despite the threat of coronavirus.
As well-wishers donate masks to the government, they should also donate mealie meal to be given to the vulnerable in our communities. Otherwise people won’t care whether there is Covid-19 or not. Hunger is forcing them on the streets.
Give them food and they will stay home and safe. For now, everyone is trying to find food by going to the market either to trade or to buy.
All these issues should therefore be taken care of. It is scary especially now that the Covid-19 has struck places such as Marapodi, which is a high density area.
This shows us that the disease can strike anywhere. The wearing of masks is being mocked by some quarters, but this may turn out to be the most useful way of preventing Covid-19.
The mask prevents one from constantly touching their face and thereby transferring germs and virus to the face. People should just obey and respect this directive. Otherwise ubututu bwalatuletelela bonse.
Youth activist.

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