Nakonde is courting Covid-19

Dear Editor,
ALLOW me to comment on the situation in Nakonde. The Nakonde border does pose a potential threat to the Covid-19 fight because of its porousness.
As the situation stands, there is a possibility of Zambians crossing from other points to go and drink from Tunduma where bars are still operating normally.
Little do these Zambians know that doing so could result in wiping out their entire families if they contract Covid-19. Sensitisation needs to be scaled up to avoid a looming hot spot.
Our friends in Tunduma know the illegal routes for entry into Zambia and can use any means within their reach to enter the Zambian side. It is only sad that we have continued to defy the travel restrictions from the authorities.
The Ministry of Health can only succeed with our cooperation and not expecting too much from them. Clearly, the Covid-19 fight is not for the government alone but all Zambians. We all need a healthy environment to trade safely.
Leave it to Government alone and we can be sure to be in this war longer than expected. I feel sad for the Chingola couple and wish them well. Noushalimo akabamo.


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