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Dear Editor,

WHEN we think about the night, the first things that come to mind are bars, restaurants, noise, alcohol, partying.

However, the notion of the night has a much broader meaning – Instead of wasting the night time, President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) in their manifesto are proposing for a 24-hour economy and they deserve to be supported by all voters because their proposal will stir economic growth.

Their proposal when implemented will give our country an opportunity to significantly increase its economic activity and employment by capitalising on the night time through supporting more flexible working hours that bring people into the cities and encourage businesses and services to respond by staying open later.

How is how the 24-hour economy will stir economic growth;

1. More jobs: The night-time economy is a source of new jobs and new income for the city.

2. Revitalisation of public space: It will allow the revitalisation of areas and buildings in the city, particularly those that are not used after a certain hour of the day.

3. Safety: 24-hour cities will promote citizen security. Why? Because – at least perceptually – on, policies that invite people to stay outside, such as expanding the hours of operation of shops, restaurants and movie theatres, help maintain lively streets.

4. Foster tourism: A city with a vibrant night life is much more attractive for visitors. A city that offers 24-hour transportation, as well as restaurants and shops that open late, is much more attractive to those who come to visit.

5. Sense of belonging:  If managed well, night-time cities can generate a greater sense of belonging. For these reasons, I believe that it is a good idea to promote night-time cities.

The Patriotic Front manifesto is the only manifesto that explains clearly workable solutions for reviving our economy which has been terribly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic which has frankly paralysed the global economy.

Take time to read the PF manifesto and compare it with the Jamaican one. After you do so, you will then realise that President Lungu is still the right man and he deserves your vote.



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