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You will cry

… Chitumukulu warns Bembas

PARAMOUNT Chief Chitimukulu has warned Bemba speaking people to vote en mass and ensure they choose the right person, failure to which they would cry and know Jesus.
The Mwinelubemba said Bembas had a 21 percent majority which should be used to vote for the right leader otherwise they would regret not doing so.
In an interview on Radio Mano, the chief spoke against voter apathy. He explained that Southern Province people know how to vote while Bembas were a useless majority.
He said Bembas had no problem voting for other tribes like they voted for Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Rupia Banda and Sata. He said Bembas were content to vote for others, though not a bad thing but they should also push for development.
He also spoke against Bembas who join or form political parties just to insult their tribe because of the money they were being given.
He emphasised that Bembas must use their majority to vote for the right people to develop their area.
Chief Chitimukulu said the Bembas lacked a strong voice to speak to ensure development was brought to the region.
“There is no leadership among Bembas. People just joining or making parties to insult Bembas. Because of money, you disrespect your tribe,” he said.
“Bembas are not doing much. There is no development here. Unless we go and do it ourselves,” he added.
He also alluded to government being fearful to give chiefs money for development because some of them may spend it on beer. “Can they give us money when they fear that you will just go and drink the money,” Chitimukulu said.
He also complained that during the MMD rule, money which was supposed to work on Chinsali road went to Luwingu road, because there was no one showing leadership among Bembas to speak against such things.
He warned against apathy in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula, saying the Southern province did better than the three provinces because they know what they are doing.
“Us we are not serious. 150,000 register to vote and only 50,000 vote,” he said.
Southerners know what they are doing but Bembas are too nonchalant and just want to be led and don’t mind voting for other tribes.
Chitimukulu said this was dangerous because they might end up with a difficult leader and they would be in trouble.
“Bembas do not like voting because they don’t know that is the most important. They are 21 percent and must determine the leader of this country. Bembas are not segregative and just vote for anyone. Anyone can lead as long as they have rights,” he said.
But the Paramount chief Chitumukulu has come under fire for encouraging the Bembas to vote massively in 2021.
Republican Progressive party (RPP) leader James Lukuku has accused the traditional leader of being a puppet for the ruling party because he was being paid handsomely.
He said it was irresponsible for Chitumukulu to publish sectarianism, regionalism and tribalism statement.
Meanwhile, Zambia’s former envoy to Malawi, Richard Kachingwe has said it was irresponsible and disrespect for people to issue disparaging statement against Paramount chief Chitimukulu Mwinelubemba
Major Kachingwe said there was nothing tribal which the traditional leader said but was giving advice to the Bemba clan. He said in a separate interview yesterday that people must learn to respect their traditional leaders at all cost.
Maj Kachingwe said that it was shocking that people could throw away the Zambians tradition and resorted to disrespect their leaders.
Maj Kachingwe who is also former MMD national chairperson said there was nothing wrong for the traditional leader to show allegiance to the ruling party.
Every traditional leader must work hand in hand with the government of the day for the betterment of the subjects.
“There is no wrong whatsoever for the Paramount chief to respect those who are in authority, if he is against the government of the day he is risking his subjects,” Maj Kachingwe said.

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