Dear Editor,
AT a time the government is working hard to turn around the fortunes of this country, Mr Hakainde Sammy Hichilema has once again paraded himself on social media with his usual antiques to expose his ego.
This is the bally whose name is synonymous with the privatisation of state-owned enterprises which left families especially here on the Copperbelt and Chingola in particular in the cold.
This is the bally who is associated with tribalism and prophesy of vengeance against his political opponents if by accident he was elected President.
The “bally will pay” slogan that has invaded the political scene by the opposition party leader is not strange in Hichilema’s failed desperate strategies to wrestle power from the ruling party.
Mr Hichilema who is also a five-time losing Presidential candidate and headed for a sixth defeat has built himself a reputation of being a misguided political messenger.
He is renowned for promising heaven on earth and he is determined to sway the unsuspecting people. “Bally will pay” analogy is synonymous with the usual narrative of holding himself out as a political messiah.
In his imaginary world, he is a superhuman who is embodied with peculiar abilities to single handedly make Zambia a better place. To him inclusive governance process cannot match his intellectual abilities and elitist behaviour.
However, Mr. Hichilema is playing to the gallery of the generation of electorates that is well enlightened.
He should emulate his political foes in the ruling party who have served a new trend as far as politics is concerned. Long are the days when voters cheaply gave their votes to the sweet talker. They now value the power of their voter’s cards. It is more powerful than a missile they cannot freely give.
Mr Hichilema, the new bally in town must also be reminded that politics in Zambia is no longer a speech contest where the eloquent presenters of plagiarised speeches carried the day.
The success of the politician is measured by his ability to connect with the citizens.
Bally HH should instead begin preparing for his imminent and quickly approaching political retirement to groom youths in UPND to take over the party presidency.
Bally HH has just exposed himself that he is a self-centred person who wants all glory to himself. Bally HH’s antiques seems to point at the irresistible conclusion that his governance will explosively exclude the participation of others.
A bally HH as President will be an arbitrary ruler who will rule with an iron fist. He has a track record of isolating vice presidents.
The bally will pay narrative is evident that UPND is HH and HH is UPND.
Youth Rights Activist,


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