Miners in quarantine perks

…K1,000 to be locked up

MANAGEMENT at Chambishi Copper Smelter (CCS) has increases allowances and improved social amenities as the firm prepares for re-quarantine.
CCS said re-entry to the facilities will be taken seriously and employees have been given three days in which to decide whether to be quarantined or not.
According to a memorandum from management to employees and obtained by the Daily Nation in Kitwe yesterday, quarantine allowances had been increased by K1, 000 per month across the board.
Previously, workers in the lowest grade got K1, 000 quarantine allowance per month while those in the highest grade were entitled to K5, 000.
Management provided food for quarantined employees before they were released on Wednesday after the initial quarantine period.
The memorandum dated May 27, 2020 was signed by assistant chief executive officer, Zhang Xiangwang and indicated that employees were given a fresh start.
And Mineworkers Union Zambia (MUZ) General Secretary George Mumba said employers at CCS and NFC Mining Plc had given chance to employees to apply on their own.

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