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Set up Privatisation Court – Sinkamba

THE opposition Green Party has called on the Chief Justice to evoke article 133 sub 3 of the constitution of Zambia which requires her to constitute a special court to urgently deal with the privatisation matter.
The party says the court should be instituted to specifically deal with privatisation matters, among other criminal matters, that took place between 1992 and 2020.
The party has since written to the Chief Justice and copied the President of the republic of Zambia so that he could facilitate the establishment of the court.
Party president Peter Sinkamba told a media briefing in Kitwe that this was the only way the matter could be dealt with once and for all.
Mr Sinkamba said that this was the time for the President to show his seriousness on the fight against corruption.
He said that it was time for him to get practical on what he has been preaching by facilitating the establishment of the court which may deal with the matter quickly compared to the high court.
“We have been observing the heated debates that have been going on for the past two weeks and what we are seeing is scary and dangerous.
Tempers have been rising which we feel if we are not careful, will set the country on fire,” he said.
Mr Sinkamba said there was need to find the way forward on the issue that would benefit the whole country.
The opposition had noted with concern that there was no clear agenda to get the matter sorted out.
He said such a situation if allowed to continue without quick interventions was placing the country’s peace at risk given the way people were reacting on the matter.

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