Dear Editor,

WHEN I started this mission, one of the objectives was to expose Koswe for what it is, a cheap, lying, scandalous and fake social media propaganda tool. 

I exposed the person behind it and Koswe rushed to deny it by saying they do not know me but in the same breath, they said they taught me politics and sponsored my campaigns. How do you teach politics somebody you do not know?

I challenged Koswe to disclose the name of the female journalist I have a child with and produce DNA results and all they could come up with is a another lie that I do not talk to Mr. Tutwa Ngulube because of a woman.

They produced a badly done photoshop showing a poor image of an unnamed woman to render credence to their desperate illusions.

I again challenge them; disclose the name of the female journalist having my child, show us the photo of the baby and birth records and prove that I fathered the innocent baby.

The truth is that Koswe is a poor example of a propaganda tool. Mr Ngulube is my good friend and he is my leader in the National Assembly as Deputy Chief Whip and I talk to him each and every other time.

Zambians should now know that this Koswe belongs in the rabbit hole. My mission was to expose it and exterminate it and I will not stop until it dies just like the way we have always dealt with rats.

It might appear like a waste of time for some people but we cannot have the likes of Koswe running around our society and causing havoc.

They have to be exterminated and the time is now.


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