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Never trust power hungry businessmen, warns Lusaka PF boss

By John kombe

Do not entrust the leadership of the country in the hands of businessmen, whose loyalty is to their foreign funders, Lusaka province PF chairman, Paul Moonga has said.

Mr. Moonga made the appeal in a press statement made available to the Daily Nation yesterday and warned that political parties that have foreign funders owe  financiers and as such cannot be trusted with running the affairs of the country.

He pointed out that the people of Zambia must be aware that these businessmen are bent on protecting their business interests and that of their financiers at the expense of the poor.

He urged   Zambians to take a leaf from a named developed country where one of the most powerful and successful businessman in the world was willing and ready to breach the constitution for his personal business benefits and that of his closest allies.

He stated that most businessmen in power care less about their people because they are driven by the desire to protect their business investments and not the interests of the poor people who put them in government.

He stressed that this is a risk Zambians should not trade on as doing that will have a negative bearing on the future of the country and that of future generations and the future of the nation.

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