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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has insisted that if he wins the August 12 elections he will sell the presidential jet.

“Once voted into office in the August 12 general election, I will sell the presidential jet and channel the money to the health, education and agriculture sectors,” Mr Hichilema insisted yesterday in a radio interview.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix “Let The People Talk” programme yesterday, Mr Hichilema said the purchase of the presidential jet was a waste of money because the tax payers whose money was used to buy it are living in abject poverty. 

He said instead of the few people riding on the jet, his Government was going to sell it and channel the money to make available safe medicines, improve the education and agriculture sectors. 

“The presidential jet belongs to the people of Zambia and not a few individuals that are riding on it so the first thing we will do once elected is to sell it and use the money to improve the health, education and agriculture sectors,” he emphasised. 

Mr Hichilema also claimed that under his Government, ministers will not be allowed to drive expensive VXs vehicle,s adding that the current fleet will be exchanged for small soft loans for marketeers to boost their businesses. 

The five-time losing presidential hopeful also accused the PF government of printing more money which they were dishing out to voters ahead of the general election.

Mr Hichilema said the continued printing of money by Government brought about high inflation which has resulted in skyrocketing of prices of essential goods. 

On accusation that he rigged himself to the party presidency by going unopposed at the just ended UPND general congress, Mr Hichilema said the elections were held in a transparent manner than the 2015 and 2016 national general election. 

He said despite doomsayers who are opposed to his party wanting the congress to fail, the UPND managed to pull off a successful general assembly which has become the envy of most countries. 

Mr Hichilema said the UPND, guided by its constitution will ensure that more women are brought in the national management committee to meet the 30 percent threshold.

“The general congress only achieved 29 percent but this will be corrected through constitution provisions,” he said.

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