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Schools opening necessary – BETUZ


OPENING of schools today is imperative as Covid-19 seems to have come to stay and Basic Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) public relations director, Katunta Kabika has reiterated that that the focus should be on how to handle pupils especially young ones in lower grades.

“Covid-19 has come to stay so the focus should be on young ones , pupils with special needs. These pupils need extra attention, “he said.

And Zambia Nation Union of Teachers general Secretary Newman Bubala has called on  school managers  to institute measures that would put confidence in pupils and parents by  Identifying  vulnerable pupils and those that could  afford face masks. And Secondary Schools Teachers Union of Zambia Sitibekiso Wamuyuwa  has acknowledged that no place was 100 per cent safe from covid-19.

The unions were speaking during a live programme on ZNBC yeaterday.

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