CIVIL society organisations should stop abusing the cyber space by spreading lies on serious national matters in their efforts to champion hidden agendas for the opposition, the Zambian DNA has said.

This follows demands by a consortium of seven civil society organisations that the cyber security and cybercrimes bill be withdrawn from parliament on the pretext that it was unjustifiable.

He said in an interview that there should be no sacred cows as far as the application of the law was concerned.

Mr Lubusha said in the same manner cases for poor people were being expedited whenever wrong doing was suspected, so should those involving rich people and politicians.

He said all allegations of looting public resources against some politicians must be investigated and if found wanting prosecuted.

Mr Lubusha called on investigative wings not to allow criminals to hijack the country’s political space.

He said security wings must protect Zambians against criminals and interlopers seeking power for their personal ends in the hope of obliterating their criminality.

“The vast majority of Zambians are ignorant of the nefarious intentions of some of the Presidential candidates who do not mean well for the country. There is need for security forces to expose them,” he said.

Mr Lubusha said some political leaders had a lot to explain to Zambians owing to their previous dubious dealings that continued to hover on their heads.

Meanwhile, Citizens Democratic Party leader, Robert Mwanza yesterday appealed to UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema and Socialist Party president Fred M’membe to explain their position on matters affecting them.

“Mr. Hichilema must explain the controversy and contention over the four Lima properties scandal, sale of Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone and the holding of Saturnia properties while pensioners languish in poverty and others have died,” he said.

Mr Mwanza said Mr M’membe must explain his taxes and involvement in Zambian Airways where the Development Bank of Zambia had lost a lot of money.

Mr Mwanza said the political space had been invaded by criminals and fraudsters who were banking on becoming republican President to clear their names of wrongdoing.

“Zambians needed answers before you even think of becoming President. Names must be cleared of wrong-doing first. Otherwise as it is, this is invasion of our political space which has been known to be noble,” he said.


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