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I’m not a UPND stooge – Chanda


I’M not a UPND stooge and I must assure my party, that I am a committed Patriotic Front member and always contributes to the party coffers,    PF Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda said that unlike assertions that he was a UPND spy he was still a loyal PF member who was still even paying contributions to the party.

He said if he was not PF he would have made sure that the contributions to the party were cut so that he could concentrate on other things since he was not loyal. (To page 3)

Mr Chanda said  the chiefs in the area have given him  specific instructions to ensure the area is developed.

Their instructions are to work for the people of Kanchibiya to ensure that they got their fair share of development.

“I have been given the mandate by Senior Chief Kopa, Chief Luchembe, Chief Kabinga and Chief Mpepo to ensure that the people of Kanchibiya receive development at all costs,” he said.

He said that he was still a loyal PF supporter and that those that were claiming to be working for the UPND needed to check their facts right.

Mr Chanda said that he was working to ensure that the people of Kanchibiya got development because they are the ones that gave him a mandate.

“My role is to ensure that my constituency is developed and I want to say there is a time to work and a time to politick,” he said.

He said right now his focus was to work and that a time of politicking would come in 2026 and not now.

He said was working hard to ensure that he worked on a number of roads in the area which were in a deplorable state.

“People need to differentiate Sunday Chanda the PF media director and Sunday Chanda the MP and that there were a number of people who can speak on behalf of the party apart from me,” he said.

He said that time would come when he would get into campaign gear and put on his political gear.

Mr Chanda said there was no way he could ditch PF and said those that thought he was working with the ruling party needed to come down.

He said people must realise that politics of development are crucial and that as MP, he must knock on every door to ensure he helps his people.

As a rural constituency, the challenges are numerous and not enough time to resolve all, but he would devote his time to this and not mere politicking.

He also said he had respect and faith in the people leading the party to effectively speak for the party without everyone jumping in.

“Time for that will come. Now we must concentrate on developing our constituencies,” Mr Chanda said.


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