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‘Cyber-bullying campaign successful’


ZAMBIA Air Force (ZAF) fighter pilot Thokozile Muwamba, who walked from Lusaka to Livingstone in a campaign against cyber-bullying has arrived in Livingstone.

Captain Muwamba who has been joined in the long walk by Captain Solomon Shakele, the Founder and Chairman of Cyber Hygiene Zambia and others, described the walk as challenging.

She, however, noted that the walk was made easier because it was done in collaboration with Cyber Hygiene Zambia.

She told the Daily Nation in an interview that the message on cyber bullying and abuse of social media has reached across the nation.

“The walk hasn’t been easy but as you know we are doing it as a team as Cyber Hygiene Zambia so it’s been easier because we are working together and we worked together through it all

“I feel the message is a conversation starter and even at the dinner table people were asking, ‘where have these guys reached?’” she explained.

Captain Muwamba said the more people spoke about the walk, the more they got enlightened about cyber bullying. “We have people talking, that is the first step…so I think from there we have reached a lot of people which is a good thing and now what we need to start doing is to change the mindset on how they (people) should use the internet and how we must support each other.

“As brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t demean each other online we have to protect each other,” she said. She said going forward, the organization would do more sensitisation with the Cyber Hygiene Zambia in order to get firm word out there.

“For now it’s basically to get the ball rolling and we plan to engage people on more personal level,” she said.

Captain Muwamba and team were received 10 kilometres before Livingstone by ZICTA Director General Patrick Mushimuti, Independent Broadcasting Authority and (IBA) Director General Josephine Mapoma.

Others who joined in the solidarity were Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale and Livingstone District Commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane.

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