Pests invade farms in Siavonga, Chirundu


A swarm of pests have invaded maize fields in Siavonga, Chirundu and other areas in the Gwembe valley, sending panic among farmers.

Some peasant farmers spoken complained that they had lost all their maize plants and did not know how their families would survive as the harvest would be this season.

One of the farmers, Nero Simwemba, said the locust-like pests had devastated fields and crops and called on Government to urgently intervene.

Mr Simwemba said food security at household level in an area was already affected by climate change and that the pests would just worsen the situation.

“We call upon Government to address the issue by providing insecticides to combat the pests,” he added.

Mr Simwemba also appealed to the District Agricultural Officers (DAO), council officials and District Commissioners (DC) in Chirundu and Siavonga districts.

He said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) should quickly supplying necessary pesticides to the affected farmers to fight the pests.

He said the area has this year received plenty rain, but that due to pests, there was a likelihood that the people in the area would face hunger.

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