Fraudsters are behind London Judgement registration plan

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 13:05:19 +0000

Civil rights campaigner Brebner Changala says the demand for the London Judgment is not being done in the spirit of justice and fair play but to hide plunder of resources and settle political scores.
Mr Changala said it will serve nobody’s interest because the properties and assets being sought have been looted by some former members of the task force, which looting must be investigated and those responsible prosecuted.
“This matter went before the High Court and it was dealt with effectively and closed. Those people who have plundered development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) do not want to discuss their fate and publicize how they fraudulently obtained the money and they want to open the London Judgement” he said.
He said the London Judgment was being pursued by people who plundered the so called plundered assets adding that matters that are stale and of no major interest to the people of Zambia are always brought from the ashes in order to fix perceived enemies.
“The man at the centre of the London Judgment is former President Chiluba who is deceased and it is un African to pursue the dead and flog their bodies. Mr Chiluba can no longer defend himself and Mr Xavier Chungu is now a friend of the system” he said.
He wondered what those demanding for the London Judgment wanted to achieve adding “Who do they really want to pursue in this matter? Who is giving them sleepless nights? Please, let us stop using our newspapers to promote perpetual hatred against our perceived enemies”.
Judge Evans Hamaundu set aside an order that was granted to the Attorney General in July 2007 to register a London High Court judgment against second president Fredrick Chiluba and seven others because there is no such provision under the Zambian laws.
This was in a matter in which Dr Chiluba and seven others asked the court to set aside the order made in High Court granting the Attorney General leave to register in the Zambian High Court, the London High Court Judgment against them by Judge Peter Smith.
High Court judge late Japhet Banda had granted leave to the Attorney General to register the London Court judgment in the Zambian High Court under provisions of the foreign judgment Acts of laws of Zambia.
Judge Hamaundu who took over the case after the death of justice Banda said he had searched in the Zambian law provisions that allow direct registration judgments obtained in the United Kingdom but found none.

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