Step down, Sata told

Fri, 08 Feb 2013 15:46:45 +0000

President Michael Sata has the moral and political obligation to relinquish the presidency because of a number of issues surrounding him says Nason Msoni.

According to Mr Msoni a former aspiring president for the MMD, it would be unfortunate for Mr Sata to wait for impeachment as he had already failed to address pertinent issues affecting Zambians.

He said that in all fairness President Sata should exercise statesmanship and resign from his position instead of waiting for people to throw his out via impeachment

The opposition member said Zambia was in a dangerous geo political position and that was a reason why the spoiled kids in Cabinet had taken advantage of Sata’s inability to perform and were now doing things for  personal gain.

He observed that the impeachment process for Mr Sata would be a waste of stationary and resources because of the “williy nilliy” MPs that were compromised from the opposition.

Mr Msoni also said the impeachment process would give reason to Mr Sata to continue in power as some opposition MPs were already compromised and would want to get bribes.

“Zambians should not call for impeachment but should ask Mr Sata to exercise statesmanship and step down. Sometimes your political mission ends once you cross the power line. We want Sata out because he is the weakest president that Zambia has ever had.

“We are saying this because we love Mr Sata and we have no grudge against him but because he is incapable and he is endangering the political power of this country.

Mr Sata has no interest in serving the people of this country. Zambians are starving while he is busy chartering planes for unknown missions at the expense of tax payers,” he said.

The breach of the constitution he said had been a political habit for Mr Sata for sometime and Zambians should now realise that they had a wrong man in office.

“Sata is a serial breacher of the Zambian constitution apart from what we have read and seen, on day one after assuming office, he breached the constitution by appointing more than eight people to parliament.

“He has continued to breach the document because he is poorly advised and wilfully do so because he thinks he owns Zambians.

We have appealed several times as Zambians to Mr Sata and his government to do the right things and stop demolishing the democracy of our country but they don’t understand.

“These Kaponya’s we have in government don’t agree with a thing in enhancing our democratic principles because they lack the basic education in government to understand what was at stake if they continued like this,” he said.

Mr Msoni was confident that this year the country was headed for presidential elections as Mr Sata was a failure.

He said Mr Sata should step down on medical and political grounds in order fro him to have more time to manage his illness and avoid stress he was going through in that office.

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