GBM is lying

Wed, 12 Sep 2012 21:34:20 +0000

NOBODY is planning to assassinate President Michael Sata and if there was the Patriotic Front (PF) would have brutally dealt with the perpetrator, says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr. Hichilema challenged the police to come out in the open and inform the people of Zambia about the security of the President and how far they have gone to investigate the alleged attempt on President Sata.

He said PF leadership should be ashamed for misleading the nation and diverting people’s attention that there were people planning to eliminate Mr. Sata when it was a well know fact that there was leadership wrangles in the PF.

Mr. Hichilema said that it was not true that there were people planning to eliminate the President because, “If it is true we could have seen police searching for people like needles.”

He said that the claims by the PF government that Mr. Sata’s life was under threat was another lie aimed at diverting people’s attention from the hate and discontent seed the PF had planted.

“It is not true that the PF government will have such sensitive information and know the people involved and decide to keep quite like that. No that is not true. No one wants to assassinate Mr. Sata. If the information was credible and true we could have seen police searching for suspects like needles but because there is nothing credible in what GBM is saying no wonder you have seen people like Solomon Jere and Peter Chingaipe unleashing junior officers on the UPND like that,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema appealed to President Sata to listen to his critics and learn to govern the nation in a manner that would embrace unity and peace unlike the route the PF government had taken of dividing people.

He said it was extremely strange that Mr. Sata had kept quite on various issues happening in the nation.

Mr. Hichilema said that the silence by President Sata was a sign of having knowledge and sanctioned the victimization and harassment of the opposition in t he country by the police.

And Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) president Charles Milupi said the Patriotic Front (PF) government must arrest the two generals who were reportedly paid K100 million to assassinate President Michael Sata.

Mr. Milupi told the Daily Nation that government was being dishonest in the manner it was handling the assassination allegations.

Mr. Milupi said that the statements coming from the PF ministers about an assassination attempt on President Sata’s life was serious and those entrusted with leadership should ensure that those alleged to be behind the plot were brought to book.

Mr. Milupi however, doubted the authenticity of the information by Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba describing it as a hoax creating discontent in the nation.

“It is our wish to see that those people being accused to plot the assassination of the President are brought to book. We are wondering why it has taken long to arrest the people behi

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