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By Muyani Shinjabale

DESPITE Government being supportive, they are not doing enough to develop the community through Lusaka City Council (LCC), says Youth in Action for Sustainable Development (YASD) Programs Manager, Zebezy Lukwesa.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Lukwesa said this being rain season, one would ask if the city had a council or not.

He said most of the gravel roads were in bad shape, potholes were everywhere as well as loads of uncollected garbage.

“Council officials should be proactive in service delivery because that’s what they are in office to do. They need to ensure that roads are well paved, clean and buildings are constructed in the right places.

They should learn to plan ahead and build drainage systems before the rains begin as well as ensure that the streets are clean at all times and not engage in the cleaning exercises once a week and expect the town to stay clean until the next cleaning exercise,” Mr. Lukwesa stated.

He noted that LCC gets money from a number of companies that it could have used in the renovations of the city.

Mr Lukwesa said Lusaka was the capital city of the country where most international agreements, meetings and decisions were made, and it was sad to see how unpresentable the city looked.

He therefore, urged LCC to be proactive and engage various communities in programs that were beneficial to the development of Lusaka Province to match international standards.

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