London Judgment

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 12:52:05 +0000

We are amazed that non other than Simon Zukas an eminent and most knowledgeable member of society is asking for the registration of the London Judgment.
Like Cleopas of the Bible we must ask “Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there in these days?”
Just to fill you in: It has been discovered that those who were behind the Anti Corruption crusade against Dr. Frederick Chiluba have stolen Billions of Kwacha from the assets they forced Government to sequestrate during their crusade.
The theft has been discovered by non other than the Bank of Zambia itself. One of their officers colluded with Task Force operatives to fraudulently siphon Billions of Kwacha from the accounts belonging to the sequestrated accounts
Some of the money was actually used to bribe and pay witnesses who testified in courts of law on behalf of the Task Force.
Since the discovery of these criminal acts some of the property owners have asked the Bank of Zambia to render an account of the assets. They want to know how proceeds of the assets were stolen by the very same people they who were supposed to be custodians and paragons of virtue fighting corruption.
Registering the Judgment, which was obtained under very dubious circumstances in London will put a stop to the on going investigations, because they will have been overtaken.
If registered, the judgment will have the effect of nullifying investigations for the shells of the remaining assets to be reposed into the Government most likely through the Anti Corruption Commission, no questions asked.
Nobody will follow up for the theft of billions of Kwacha.
That is why registration of the judgment at this point in time is a ruse and deliberate tactic that is being used by those guilty of plunder and theft. They want their tracks erased.
Already as it is neither the Anti Corruption Commission nor so called Joint Government investigative team has the courage to investigate the whereabouts of the money stolen from the accounts.
We even have a straight forward case where Tedworth properties funds rentals paid by a United Nations Agency have been diverted into a private account in New York.
All the security and investigative wings are aware of this theft but none will come out in the open because the people involved are too close to political power from which they derive shelter and protection.
Fortunately there are applications before courts of law demanding for an accounting of the money. Once the accounting has been done, a determination will be made regarding the propriety and indeed legality of what has transpired on the account.
We are comforted by the fact that the matter is before courts of law where we expect a very clear tabulation of the facts.
It is therefore our hope that Mr. Zukas now understands why this call for registration, rejected by the High court should be dismissed for the deceptive effort that it is. The people demanding registration should be asked to wait until all the investigations on the plunder of the accounts are completed.
Those found culpable of stealing resources should be prosecuted and thereafter the people of Zambia will have a clear understanding of the forces that are currently behind the registration call, which are the same as the forces that are fostering confusion within the judiciary to hide their culpability.
These are very powerful forces, with equally powerful political forces behind them, that is why we pray for the integrity of the Judiciary which is our only hope for the truth , Justice and equity.
In this prayer we join the Bishops of Zambia.

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