Namulambe has lost direction – MMD

Sat, 15 Dec 2012 10:12:09 +0000

Copperbelt MMD provincial Women chairperson Edith Mataka has said that former MMD Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe’s decision to join the PF which has failed to govern the country was proof that he has lost direction.

And Ms Mataka has maintained that the MMD under the leadership of Dr Nevers Mumba would remain strong because it was founded on strong grounds and believes in improving people’s lives unlike the PF which was in government to enrich itself through sharing single sourced contracts.

“As MMD we are not shaken by the resignation of some of our MPs who are joining the PF because we know that they are job seekers who want to benefit from the PF’s corrupt way of governing the country” she said.

She challenged Namulambe to acknowledge that it was actually disgraceful to resign from a party which has policies of national development and join a party that has failed to provide direction and leadership in the one year they have been in office.

“So when Mr Namulambe says MMD has lost direction, he is telling lies because it is the PF which has even failed to govern the country. Surely how do you join a party which has made the country to become lawless?” she said.

And Ms Mataka says the country is likely to face severe hunger and other calamities because the PF government is not governing the country with the blessing of God.

She said the coming of army worms which have invaded the country were an indication that the PF had no blessing of God in the governance of the country.Ms Mataka who was one of the MMD MPs who were arrested together with Dr Nevers Mumba for unlawful assembly in Kitwe, said it was unfortunate that such incidences were happening since the PF took over government.

“When you are government and strange things start happening, then you should ask yourself why, since they never happened when other people were ruling. The PF government seems to be unconcerned about the destruction the army worms will cause to the food crops” she said.



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