Terrorism, migration, climate change global threats to peace, says Kalaba

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 08:51:23 +0000

By Wallen Simwaka

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has called for increased efforts to address global challenges including terrorism, migration, climate change, trans-border crime and illegal migration that are threatening the peace and security of the world. Speaking at the Annual Diplomats and Corporates Gala Dinner at Twangale Park on Saturday, Mr Kalaba said the world recorded over fifty terror attacks in the month of November alone. He stated that climate change was equally taking a severe toll on world economies particularly due to the El Nino phenomenon that has induced delayed rains, droughts, floods, increased humanitarian crises apart from adversely affected hydro-power generation in many countries. “All these global factors require collective efforts to address the challenges and find lasting solutions,” Mr Kalaba said. “You will agree with me that in an increasingly globalised world, trade and investment relies heavily on a conducive business environment that is set up through diplomacy and other appropriate tools of trade. Consequently, private sector participation in economic diplomacy is imperative, particularly when it comes to exploiting the opportunities on the global market.” Mr Kalaba said the continued terror attacks around the world posed a threat to the global security, the values of democratic societies, as well as to the rights and liberties of world citizens. The minister said Zambia was aware that conflict and economic hardships had resulted in unprecedented migration in recent times which he said was posing humanitarian and security challenges across the globe. Mr Kalaba further emphasised that Zambia intended to strengthen relations with other nations at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels premised on common values such as peace, security, sustainable development, and inclusive growth. Mr Kalaba said Zambia under the leadership of President Lungu would spare no effort in supporting initiatives aimed at addressing issues related to peace and security on the African Continent. Meanwhile, the diplomatic community in Zambia has hailed the country for having remained a trendsetter in holding peaceful elections and smooth transition of power. Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Ana Maria Pinto Morales, said Zambia has been an exporter of peaceful elections to other countries on the African continent.

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