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Apostle Phiri said leadership comes from God and so politicians must try to seek the face of God as they campaign and be ready to accept the outcome of the elections.

He said politicians must desist from consulting with-doctors as the practice was against Christian principles.

He said the church was praying for peace and also counselling candidates from various political parties to engage in peaceful campaigns while seeking God’s guidance and strength.

“The church has had been on record pledging its support to pray for leaders regardless of their political affiliations and offer counsel to them. So it is therefore important that candidates take advantage of the churches willingness.

“As we preach for peaceful elections, we also counsel candidates not to seek powers from witch-doctors or any other ‘Evil or Dark Powers’ to make them ascend to office. If it was God’s will and their time, they would be given an opportunity to lead the people in their various capacities,” Apostle Phiri said

He added: ” We are available as a church to offer prayers and counsel to anyone who wants God’s intervention as they seek office, we are a Christian nation and we should thrive to do the right thing in line with our Christian values

Apostle Phiri also urged the candidates who will be elected into office not to abandon the people but work with them to fulfil their electoral promises to uplift their living standards.

“Candidates must not make empty promises and neglect the people once voted for as such would be a betrayal on the electorate. It is also important to make issue based campaigns and co-existence among all political players,” he said.

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