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Sat, 08 Dec 2012 13:26:53 +0000

Saturday December 8 2012

The tension in the Movement for Multiparty Democracy is understandable. Events of the last few days have been traumatic and unless well handled could lead to a very uncertain future for the party.

What is not clear however is the conduct of some senior members among them the Chairperson for elections Gabriel Namulambe who has decided to run a divisive and most destructive side commentary campaign through hostile platforms.

Surely for the senior member that he is, one would have expected more mature and sober conduct intended to seek reconciliation and balance in the party rather than stoke further controversy and acrimony.

Add to this his totally erroneous and obviously malicious misrepresentation of the MMD constitution suggesting that the position of Party National Secretary is reserved for National Executive Committee members.

There is no such provision in the constitution of the MMD. All fully paid up members are eligible to stand as National Secretary, so says article 4d.

Secondly, there is something called party discipline and collective responsibility in any organization. It is misconduct and a clear act of indiscipline for one member to question the motivation and conduct of members who sat in a  formal meeting where they deliberated an issue and came to a conclusion.

The NEC had no choice but make an interim decision to allow the party run while other matters were being sorted out.

If Namulambe was dissatisfied by the decision taken by other NEC members his best option and perhaps the only open one was to seek a review of the decision at the next meeting which he would attend. Nobody, least of all a party will take heed of off keys rantings when  faced with a cataclysmic  situation of the character the MMD is facing.

We are sure that not even Major Kachingwe would want the party fragment. Therefore, making disparaging remarks outside the normal party structure is a great disserve a show of total disloyalty to the party, it in fact only adds to the long held   suspicion that he was not loyal to the party.

 For a long time now rumors have circulated to the effect that he has been frequenting State House in search of a job. He has of course denied the allegations, but  his recent conduct raises more questions than answers.

Namulambe must realize that enemies of the party are keen to see the MMD disintegrate and disappear into oblivion making Zambian democracy the poorer. No right thinking Zambian would want a return to the one party state with all the authoritarian excesses that are already being exhibited.

Zambians of whatever or indeed no political persuasion  have a duty and responsibility to ensure that a healthy political atmosphere develops in Zambia where choice will be a matter of course.

We must choose future leaders on the basis of their intellectual ability to visualize and articulate a vision for the country on the basis of entrenched political ideologies of their sponsoring parties. Voting by impulse must be a thing of the past.


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