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Levy Mall standards falling?


SOME tenants at the Levy Business Park Mall in Lusaka have complained of falling standards and asked the landlords to ensure all service and maintenance works are paid for.

A Daily Nation check at the Mall  found that some tenants were not happy with the services because service providers have not been paid for close to seven months and this was negatively affecting the work.

Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of being victimized, the tenants complained that the  Mall’s standards had been falling because of lack of funding to service providers.

“Standards at Levy Business Park mall in  Lusaka have gone down due to none payment of fees to service providers. People are just working but not being paid.   Our customers complain  that even bathrooms were not adequately stocked with supplies because of  lack of payments,” one tenant said in an interview.

The shopping mall owned by NAPSA houses banks, chain stores  and is one of the busiest shopping Centres in Lusaka as it is centrally located. 

 “As you can see, we reported for work and are working but our companies are not being paid. How do they think we shall survive,” complained one of the cleaners. 

 Efforts to get a comment from NAPSA failed as phones went unanswered.


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