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POLITCAL party leaders should all commit to the maintenance of peace before, during and after the August 12 elections with an assurance that they will accept the result whatever the case.

Political election is all about someone winning and others losing. It is not like football where the outcome could be a draw. That is not possible in political elections, because in the first place, elections are designed to find a winner, who in this case, takes charge of the country.

The stakes are higher than in other competitions because in this case, the competitors are all eyeing the instruments of power to run the country.

Therefore, it is important that all those vying for the top most position in the land, should be willing to commit to uphold peace at all time.

There is no need for people to be moving with pangas, machetes and an assortment of weapons with the intention to maim or kill their opponents. These are just elections to secure office and should not be a matter of life and death.

It is our fervent belief that the church plays a critical role in maintaining peace and unity in the country. Especially in a Christian nation, the church should be in the forefront, driving an agenda for peace, unity and co-existence.

Unlike those conmen who use the guise of the church to pursue personal agendas of wealth and hatred, we wish to applaud the Church on the Coppebelt for pursuing a peace agenda by inviting various political parties and leaders to take part in prayers.

We are also happy that a few showed up for the prayers, with a number of leaders being blessed by the men of God during the meeting.

This is a good development for the country and it should be replicated in all parts of the country. We know that Lusaka was first to hold the prayers which President Edgar Lungu and some opposition leaders attended.

Unfortunately, like in the Lusaka prayers, some opposition parties, particularly the UPND, have continued to shun prayers. This is not a good sign for the largest opposition in the country and one that wants to form government in a Christian nation.

At yesterday’s event., candidates from various political parties took part in meeting called by the Kitwe Pastors Fellowship to pray for peace ahead of the August 12 elections.

Those who attended the prayer meeting at the Oasis of Love Ministries International church in Kitwe included Patriotic Front (PF) Wusakile parliamentary candidate Pavyuma Kalobo , PF Mayoral candidate Mpasa Mwaya  and Wusakile Independent candidate Ackson Simwizye.

Others were Kamfinsa constituency independent candidate, Dickson Ng’andwe , Wusakile constituency independent candidate Gloria Shonga, Socialist Party candidate for Bulangililo ward Joseph Chabu.

Kitwe Pastors Fellowship President Raddy Lewilla said the church decided to hold a meeting with candidates from various political parties at various positions starting from Local Government, parliamentary and Mayoral and all were invited.

Bishop Lewilla said the organization had contacted the District Electoral Officer, Mbulo Seke, who gave them the number of political parties participating in the August elections and their contact numbers

“This prayer meeting is not for one political party. No, it is for all political parties, PF, UPND, Socialist Party, DP and others. We communicated to all political parties and some responded while others did not.

Our prayer is that the church should not give up but continue holding the prayer meetings and not just for the candidates but for communities to encourage people from different political parties to accept that God’s wish is supreme.

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