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LUBAMBE Copper Mine (LCM) experienced loss of power and water supply in some areas of the mine and the local community after a sinkhole developed on the eastern side of the caving area.

LCM Communication Manager, Loyce Saili, said the sinkhole developed at LCM on the eastern side of the South Limb, a known caving area where such incidences were expected to occur.

The incident occurred last Saturday.

Ms Saili said no injury had been recorded and that no danger was posed to the community living on the western side.

“However, some damage occurred to electrical infrastructure, which resulted in loss of power and consequently the loss of water supply in some areas of the mine and the local community.

‘’The mine prioritised the issue and worked with utmost urgency to restore power and water to the community, and also arranged for distribution of drinking water during the period,’’ Ms Saili said.

She said Government officials in Chililabombwe toured the mine and efforts being made by the mine management to normalise the situation

“Management will continue to monitor the situation in the affected area,” Ms Saili added.

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