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Dear Editor,                          

THE various economic problems that Zambia has faced usually depend on the foreign made solutions including the goods which are used at domestic level.

This has led to consumption of foreign goods and has a ripple effect on the local currency owing to the increase in the demand for dollars.

The PF government under President Edgar Lungu has identified creative development as one of the guaranteed activities which has the prospects of increasing demand for locally made goods.

The advent of coronavirus has been a blessing in disguise as it has made Zambians appreciate the need for investing in creative development.

The PF government in its 2021-26 manifesto has emphasised on the need to invest in creative development which will bring inclusivity among the local players on the market. In the short term, Government will put establish the National House of Drama which will be the reservoir of diverse art.

The house of drama will integrate the different pool of talents in and will gradually create jobs.

As regards performing artists, the government is yet to establish the Cultural Centre which will have the performing studios and this will extend to provinces and progressively to districts.

The National Arts Council will be utilised using its affiliate and ensure that the management of arts and culture is decentralised either geographically or using their already existing structures.

Since it is evident that intellectual property is unexploited, the government will also provide for incentives to support the companies that have invested in creative industry. This will encourage entrepreneurship among the creative industry.



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