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Resolve Covid test kits shortage, govt urged

By Irvin Muyumbwa            

A SHORTAGE of test kits could hamper the fight against covid19 and the government has been urged to resolve the issue affecting most health care facilities.

Former  Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia President Jerome Kanyika has called on the Ministry of Health to quickly resolve the shortage of Covid-19 test kits affecting most health facilities.

Mr Kanyika says following  reports of covid19 test kits shortages, the ministry should quickly restock enough test kits in order for any interested individual to be tested for Covid-19 when needed.

Mr Kanyika says prioritizing and restricting tests to individuals who are symptomatic only is a draw back in the efforts aimed at mitigating further infections of the pandemic.

He says this is because the asymptomatic individuals pose a high risk of re-infecting others especially when they do not test for Covid-19 early as a result of the shortage of test kits.

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