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SECURITY service personnel must celebrate President Edgar Lungu for giving them decent accommodation since Zambia got independence, Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Lubinda Habaazoka has said.

Dr Habazoka said Zambia´s internal and external security had risen a notch up because men and women in uniform do not have to worry about “shabby” living conditions anymore and could concentrate 100 percent on securing peace for the country.

He said during the Sunday Interview programme on ZNBC that Government had thus far provided about 4, 500 modern houses where they never used to exist for police alone and many more for others such as ZAF and Zambia Army.

“This development alone puts the hearts and souls of security at peace and has happened on his watch. It must be commended and not be ignored,” Dr Habaazoka said.

Dr Habaazoka also cautioned Zambians to be wary of doomsayers that seek to paint President Lungu with a dark brush even when his economic fundamentals seek to reduce poverty and create jobs. “If it wasn’t for President Lungu´s intervention there would be a litany of job losses in the Copperbelt right now at Mopani and KCM but because he did a timely intervention, hundreds of jobs were saved, that is commendable let’s give credit where it’s due,” he said.

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