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TRADITIONAL leaders in Southern Province have condemned attacks on Patriotic Front members in the region by UPND cadres.

Chief Cooma of Choma said the attacks were shameful because political players were free to campaign anywhere in the country.

He said it does not matter if the area was seen to be another political party’s stronghold.

Chief Cooma said that the political violence in Namwala was uncalled for and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

He said that the country had been praying for peaceful elections and wondered if UPND would attack PF members.

Chief Cooma said that it was unfortunate that political violence had continued to be the order of the day despite different stakeholders preaching peace.

He called on traditional leaders to condemn violence in chiefdoms and the country at large, saying chiefs were ambassadors of peace.

“As traditional leaders we are ambassadors of peace so we should educate our subjects on political violence because they’re all our sons regardless of their political leaning,” he said.

Chief Cooma said cadres who would be arrested for perpetuating violence should not accuse the police of being unfair.

And Chief Chikanta of Kalomo said political violence should be condemned regardless of who started it.

Chief Chikanta said reports from Namwala that UPND clashed with PF cadres should be condemned.

He said every political party had the constitutional right to campaign anywhere in the country.

Chief Chikanta called for coexistence between PF and UPND supporters.

Meanwhile, Reverend Charles Ngoma of the Reformed Church in Zambia has advised political leaders to stop their members from using tribal remarks during the ongoing campaigns.

Rev Ngoma condemned the attack on PF members in Namwala and other perceived UPND strongholds.

“As a church we wish to condemn the violence targeting other tribes in the southern part of Zambia.

“We have lived together for 57years and we have intermarriages. Remember that an Easterner has married a southerner, hence, let us not fight each other.

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