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THE UPND will mete stern disciplinary action against its members who have decided to support independent candidates after the party decided not to adopt them as parliamentary or local government candidates,” Kitwe UPND chairman Elvis Nkandu has warned

Mr Nkandu said those who decided to go independent after the party decided not to adopt them were enemies of the party and no party member should entertain them.

Mr Nkandu said the party cannot adopt all those who applied because only one candidate can be picked at a time.

Even a house has rules which a disciplined child must follow. So if a UPND member is not adopted and decides to go independent then that leader does not mean well. Even if he says I will support Hakainde Hichilema, we will still treat him like an outsider.  He is not one of us

“Like in Nkana constituency, Binwell Mpundu has said he will support Hakainde Hichilema, he is not our member even if he says he will support Hakainde Hichilema. So even our party members must be careful.  They should not support independent candidates,” Mr Nkandu said

Mr Nkandu said UPND members must not support independent candidates but must mobilise and support the adopted candidates to ensure victory in the August 12 elections. He said it would not augur well for Mr Hichilema to emerge victorious in the August elections with three Members of Parliament.

“Let’s support the adopted UPND candidates so that they give President Hichilema a good number of MPs in parliament to make it easy for him to run the country after winning the August elections. 

“If we support independent candidates and President Hichilema wins the elections, how is he going to run the country with three MPs” Mr Nkandu said.

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