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THE nation should watch out for more propaganda schemes from UPND aimed at tarnishing the image of Government and earning them a sympathy vote as was the case with the recent “fake” Amnesty International report, the Christian Coalition has said.

Coalition president Professor Charles Mwape described the Amnesty International report as a “political statement coming from an NGO impressing the funder of the research report.”

Prof. Mwape however said more was yet to come as the nation approaches the August 12 elections.

He said UPND would stop at nothing to hoodwink electorates and portray a picture that the ruling party had failed the people.

Prof Mwape said contrary to the Amnesty report, Zambia had remained a mother of democracy in Africa and it was under President Edgar Lungu’s leadership that for the first time Zambians had seen political adverts of opposition leaders on Zambia National Broadcast Corporation (ZNBC).

He said in an interview that the Amnesty International report was politically engineered to de-campaign the PF.

Prof Mwape appealed to Zambians and the voters in general to ignore the Amnesty International claims that the government was ruling by fear and repression.

“In a country ruled by fear and repression, how can a government allow the President of UPND, Socialist Party and Democratic Party and others to place political messages on National TV and radio?

“From the report it’s clear that Amnesty International is just a mouthpiece of HH and UPND because they are so happy about its report which they have shared on social media,” Prof Mwape said.

He said it was hypocritical to claim that PF was ruling by fear and repression when political parties are campaigning freely.

“It’s a shame that political leaders want to tarnish the imagine the country they want to rule just because they want to be voted for as President,” he said.

Prof. Mwape said the Coalition believes that the timing of the report was purely political and must not be take serious because Zambians were still meeting and campaigning freely.

Further, he said, we ask the President and the PF to ignore the report and concentrate on ensuring that developmental projects the government has embarked on since 2016 are implemented and services are delivered to the Zambian people regardless of political affiliation.

He said they have been following the political landscape in Zambia characterised by formation of political alliances, resignations and rejoining of key political figures which is healthy to the democratic dispensation and clear indication that democracy in Zambia is growing.

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