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THE New Government should clean up the Public Service Management Division (PSMD), Teaching Service Commission (TSC), Civil Service Commission (CSC) and other government departments which contributed to the down fall of the Civil Service operations, Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) General Secretary Kangwa Musenge has said.

And Mr Musenge has appealed to government to drop all politically motivated cases against innocent teachers and union leaders. Mr Musenga said there were a lot of politically motivated cases against innocent teachers and union leaders who spoke against the ills committed by those at TSC and other institutions.

 Mr Musenga said the union was inspired by the new administration’s party manifesto on education which promises to respect and reward teachers better. “The union wishes to pledge total support to the new government with heightened dialogue on matters affecting teachers so that together we can achieve development for mother Zambia.

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”Mr Musenga said. Mr Musenga has commended government for the commitment to implement debt swap by the end of December, 2021. “We are pleased to learn that the new government is determined to swap all the debt owed by civil servants by December 2021. For us, this is a huge commitment on the part of government especially that the current addendum for debt swap has no specific deadline,” he said.

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