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THE Rainbow party has expressed shock at newly elected President Hakainde Hichilema going mute on his free education and many other important promises made during the campaign period.

Rainbow Party National Spokesperson Humphrey Kabwe said the president had gone quite on such serious promises as reduction of Mealie meal prices to K50 from K150 for a 25kg bag, fuel pump price to K5 and reduction of Fertilizer to K200.

Mr Kabwe said the party was appealing to President Hichilema to reaffirm his commitment on free education policy from nursery school to university because the people of Zambia wanted to see the immediate actualization of this policy. “We urge President Hakainde Hichilema to come out and give position on this promise so that our people can have a clear direction and in addition to this, Rainbow party is calling upon the parents to begin demanding for this free education policy which the head of state and the UPND promised to them especially that schools just opened,” he said.

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He said it was prudent for the President to give direction on this subject so that parents would not spend money on paying school fees and later on be told that there would be no paying of school fees. Mr Kabwe challenged the UPND not to divert from the free education promise and many promises such as reduction of electricity tariff charges. He also demanded for the immediate recruitment of over 50,000 teachers, over 1,000 doctors and increasing civil servants salaries by K1, 500 across the board. Mr Kabwe also said that he was confident that President HH would fix these promises without delays or excuses.

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